The Headbangers: (left to right) Andrea, Crystal, Joe, Mike, Holly, Colleen, Dan, Carlos, Mayumi, Nick, Jon


Hi! Welcome to the Headbangers Home Page! We're a band made up of students from Massachusetts Hospital School in Canton, Massachusetts. We play an eclectic blend of Rock, Jazz, Pop, Reggae and Classical music.

Because all of the members of the band have disabilities we don't play using traditional musical instruments. Instead, we use a variety of adaptive computer input devices as a way to control a music synthesizer. Many of us use head switches to trigger musical events (thus our name "Headbangers"), but we also use a variety of other devices as well (see the photos below). Our main software program, Super Switch Ensemble, was written by our teacher, Jon Adams.



Colleen demonstrates a single switch
Mike uses an Intellikeys to jam
Joe demonstrates his two switch technique
Carlos plays along with Mike
Nick demonstrates his foot switch
Andrea plays chords
Dan plays with a chin switch
Holly demonstrates her squeeze switch
Joe sings to Crystal's accompaniment
Photos of the band rehearsing
Photos of the band in concert



These songs were created by both past and present members of the band. You will need to have the free QuickTime Plug-in to listen to the music. Get it here.


All Through The Night
We play this traditional lullaby using a series of switches in much the same way that a group might use handbells.
This is Japanese folk song which we play in our head/handbell style. Finally, we get to use our synthesizer's Japanese instrument sounds!
Low Tone Blues
A blues jam featuring (digitized) vocals and an organ solo played on an Intellikeys keyboard.
I'll Be There For You
A pop-ballad with Joe on (digitized) vocals.
To A Wild Rose
A short romantic piano piece by Edward MacDowell (1861-1908). We play this in our hand/head bell style.
Porto Paulo
This is an excerpt from a bossa nova jam.
White Christmas
A song that we performed in a recent holiday concert.
What Up!
A group jam with Holly on (digitized) vocals.
Aura Lee
A simple song with Mike on digital vocals and Crystal on piano.



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